Meadows Business Park

Planned Maintenance and Fire & Security Works

We were tasked with the maintenance of Meadows Business Park, bringing the maintenance regime up to modern standards, and ensuring compliance with an SFG20 maintenance plan.

Our staff maintained all areas of each of the buildings including communal plant, HVAC, air conditioning, legionella testing, water treatment, fire alarm, security, as well as all of the electrical services.

Initially we undertook a dilapidation survey which highlighted a list of required works to bring the existing installation up to a maintainable standard.

By understanding the client’s requirements and fully integrating into the client’s FM team, we have successfully mobilised and delivered the required standards of M&E services in a hugely demanding collection of buildings.

We formalised the maintenance requirements for the business park during our mobilisation phase, ensuring SFG20 compliance for the scheme, and our specialist fire and security department installed a new, fully compliant fire alarm system.

The team have really gone the extra mile in completing the fire and security works ahead of the tight deadlines that we provided, East West Connect are a key part of our supply chain.

Meadows Business Park

Our initial goal was to return the plant to a fully operational state, preventing reoccurence of the daily system failures that had troubled the business park prior to our appointment.

Between JobLogic and SFG20 we are able to establish a thorough database of all systems, and all notes and comments by the stakeholders are linked to their relevant system for simple review by our operatives.

By producing the full database during our mobilisation period we were able to capture all pertinent information about the contract, and ensure that our staff had the right information in front of them, from the very outset of the works.

All individual items of plant, and all separate systems are uniquely identified upon receipt of contract. Each item is given a QR coded label which can be used to retrieve all relevant information about the system being worked upon.

During our time at Meadows Business Park we have been responsible for a new site-wide CCTV system, new vehicle entry barriers with ANPR, CWS tank rectification, and new AOV services including a full wiring replacement.

We were retained by the client to reconfigure the fire alarm and security systems serving the business park.

Our in-house fire & security department designed, installed, and commissioned new extra low voltage systems to improve life safety within each building at Meadows Business Park. We provided the client and their customers with the peace of mind that a fully compliant system brings.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 40% 40%
  • Electrical 40% 40%
  • Public Health 20% 20%

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