Barnet Council

Fire & Security Works

Our in-house fire & security department have completed multiple critical works on behalf of Barnet Council.

The scopes of each project include the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of access control systems, door entry systems, CCTV systems, induction loops, and intruder alarms across multiple sites, including the council’s offices in Colindale.

All works have been carried out by our highly skilled in-house labor and engineers. This allows us greater control over the project, ensuring quality workmanship, efficient communication, improved programming, and the timely delivery of services.

Our team focused on seamlessly integrating the various fire and security systems across the sites, ensuring compatibility and functionality. Rigorous testing was conducted to verify the effectiveness and reliability of the installed systems, guaranteeing the safety and security of each premises.

Our proactive maintenance services have ensured the continued reliability and optimal performance of the fire and security systems. Regular inspections, prompt repairs, and system updates were conducted to mitigate potential risks and maintain a secure environment for Barnet Council.

Thank you for your work on the recent CCTV upgrade, your team did a thorough job, and we have had positive responses from all residents.

Barnet Council

Our commitment to ongoing maintenance ensures that Barnet Council can rely on their fire & security systems for years to come.

Our installation, maintenance, and commissioning activities were completed to the highest standards, reflecting our commitment to delivering quality solutions.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 0% 0%
  • Electrical 100% 100%
  • Public Health 0% 0%

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