Richmond & Wandsworth Councils

Fire & Security Works

We’ve completed fire & security upgrade works in multiple residential blocks without disruption.

Each project involved the design, installation, and commissioning of systems manufactured by different companies, namely CAME, Entrotec, and KMS. Coordinating these systems to work seamlessly together required meticulous planning and expertise.

As the works took place within occupied residential blocks, it was crucial to minimise the impact on residents’ daily lives. Disruptions such as noise, temporary access restrictions, and inconveniences had to be carefully managed.

Prior to the start of the project, our team conducted a detailed assessment of the residential blocks, considering the residents’ needs and concerns. A comprehensive plan was devised, taking into account the specific requirements of each manufacturer’s system.

We recognise the importance of maintaining open lines of communication with residents throughout the project. Regular meetings and notifications were used to inform residents about the progress and expected changeover periods. This pro-active approach ensured that residents were well-informed and provided an opportunity for feedback and concerns to be addressed promptly.

I was very pleased with the work carried out in my apartment, the team were positive, clean, and efficient at all times. They are an asset to your company, and they were very respectful.

Wandsworth Resident

Our team effectively managed the project, ensuring a seamless integration of the door entry systems, access control systems, and main entrance doors.

The upgraded door entry systems and access control systems provided enhanced security and convenience for residents, while the refurbished main entrance doors improved the aesthetics and functionality of the residential blocks.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 0% 0%
  • Electrical 100% 100%
  • Public Health 0% 0%

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