Japanese Embassy

Planned Maintenance and Fire & Security Works

Our team maintains a 5-day-a-week presence at the Japanese Embassy to ensure their services are optimal at all times.

This comprehensive contract covers not only the embassy itself but also includes maintenance services for the First Minister’s London residence and the Ambassador’s London residence. Our commitment to providing comprehensive support extends to all diplomatic premises under our care, ensuring that they receive the same high-quality maintenance standards.

One of our key contributions is the development of fire strategies that comply with currentregulations. We have collaborated closely with the embassy to create comprehensive plans that prioritise safety measures and ensure compliance. By implementing these strategies, we enhance the safety standards within the embassy, creating a secure environment for staff and visitors.

Currently, we are actively engaged in assisting the embassy with planning and executing large-scale plant and system lifecycle upgrade projects. Our experienced team works closely with the embassy to identify areas for improvement and develop detailed upgrade plans.

We’re pleased to be able to call upon East West Connect as a trusted member of our supply chain within the United Kingdom.

Japanese Embassy

We provide valuable support to the embassy in preparing for upcoming state events.

We understand the significance of these events and the importance of creating a pristine environment for diplomatic engagements. Our team ensures that all building services, amenities, and facilities are in pristine condition, guaranteeing a seamless experience for the embassy’s esteemed guests.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 40% 40%
  • Electrical 40% 40%
  • Public Health 20% 20%

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