Middlesex House

Cat-A Fit-Out With Exposed Services

Transforming an underground car park into a modern, and world class, office space.

A distinctive feature is the poured concrete floor, which is one of the largest of its kind. We engineered and installed a bespoke underfloor combined heating and cooling system, which is fed by an external air source heat pump.

The fully stainless steel clad new pipework contrasted with the rugged existing services to provide a stunning aesthetic. We refurbished the existing 1920s sprinkler valves as an architectural feature and matched their colouring to the new steelwork supports.

Our acoustic specialists designed plant mounting techniques to prevent noise and vibration within the office space.

A disguised supply louvre to feed fresh air from outdoors was installed to give the impression of floor to ceiling windows.

The scope allowed for a constant flow of fresh air that passed across the office floor, our motorised dampers controlled air flow based upon the readings provided by carbon dioxide sensors.

The East West Connect project team used their wide-ranging knowledge of services finishes to embellish the exposed services look of the new installation, dramatically enhancing the project.

The Thornton Partnership

A blank canvas for Make Architects to create a truly unique workplace for themselves.

Our design engineers co-ordinated with all parties to create a combined services plan to achieve both the required aesthetic and the services height requirements. We incorporated steelwork and louvre designs into our main drawings to assist the main contractor.

To facilitate proper waste disposal, we procured and installed the underground waste pumping stations to allow the basement waste pipework to flow to drain.

As part of the early enabling works for the project we surveyed each of the services within the basement, including those remaining, those to be stripped out, and those that traverse the area to feed the occupied floors above.

We worked alongside the design team to tag each service for removal, re-routing, or rectification, to ensure that the final services layout provided the most space possible for the office fit-out.

We re-clad the existing services in stainless steel, as well as our new pipework installation.

Our proposal during the early phases of the project was gratefully accepted by the client, as the final aesthetic captures the eye and truly calls attention to the exposed services installation.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 65% 65%
  • Electrical 0% 0%
  • Public Health 35% 35%

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