90 Whitfield Street

Fitzrovia Cat-A Fit-Out With Exposed Services

The 90 Whitfield Street project involved a comprehensive mechanical and electrical Cat-A fit-out of a modern office space located in the bustling heart of London’s Fitzrovia.

The successful collaboration between our team and the project stakeholders transformed the existing space into a modern and functional workplace. Our expertise in architectural lighting design, integration of exposed services, high-end electrical trunking, and the implementation of advanced electrical systems contributed to the remarkable outcome of the project.

The objective of the 90 Whitfield Street project was to revamp the office space, ensuring it catered to the specific needs of prospective tenants. The project encompassed key electrical services and additional refurbishment works, emphasising our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions.

A notable aspect of the fit-out was the implementation of an exquisite architectural lighting design. Our team worked closely with the project stakeholders to develop a lighting scheme that seamlessly blended with the office space’s aesthetic while enhancing productivity. By strategically integrating exposed services into the design, we created a modern and industrial ambiance, reflecting the workspace’s character.

Another fantastic collaboration with East West Connect and another impressed client.

We always look forward to projects where we work alongside East West Connect.

The Thornton Partnership

Additionally, the additional refurbishment of the reception area and construction of a bike store showcased our ability to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results.

To maintain a sleek and sophisticated appearance, we employed high-end electrical trunking throughout the office space. This choice not only facilitated a clean and organised routing system for electrical cabling but also contributed to the overall modern aesthetic of the environment.

Our team meticulously installed power and data services, incorporating floorboxes throughout the floor. This approach provided easy access to essential utilities for each tenancy, promoting efficient connectivity and flexibility in workspace layout configurations.

A four-port fan coil unit installation was deployed to provide climate control within the office space. This system was interconnected with the landlord’s services within the risers, ensuring efficient temperature regulation throughout the premises. Additionally, energy metering was implemented to allow adaptable billing zones through software control. This feature facilitated the creation of modular tenancies, providing flexibility in utility management based on individual tenants’ needs.

Due to our exemplary performance and attention to detail, we were entrusted with additional refurbishment requests from the landlord. We refurbished the reception area, creating an impressive and welcoming entrance for visitors. Furthermore, we constructed a new bike store at the main entrance of the building, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable commuting options.

Our proficiency in architectural lighting design, integration of exposed services, and advanced electrical systems contributed to the modern and visually appealing aesthetic of the workspace.

The seamless integration of power and data services, climate control systems, and energy-efficient solutions ensured a comfortable and sustainable working environment.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 40% 40%
  • Electrical 40% 40%
  • Public Health 20% 20%

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