Southampton Street

High-End Residential Fit-Out

The project was a full refurbishment of a historic office space within the heart of Covent Garden.

The works included the strip out and conversion of the existing office areas on the first floor and above into 16 luxury apartments.

An accelerated project lead in was required to enable the various modifications to the rainwater drainage system throughout the building, enabling the main contractor to continue with their works.

We designed and installed acoustic screens and baffles to prevent any plant noise from leaking into the local environment.

All 16 apartments had metering on their heating, electrical, and air conditioning systems which fed back to a main landlord’s billing system. The fire alarm system interfaced with the audio visual system in each flat to ensure homeowner safety at all times.

East West Connect are a key contractor for us, their quality, flexibility, and overall approach are key to us delivering high spec projects for our clients.

Knight Harwood

A bespoke lighting control system was implemented, providing residents with flexible lighting options.

Comfort cooling, heating, and domestic hot water systems were incorporated to ensure a comfortable living environment. Additionally, a dry riser was installed, connecting the ground floor to the roof, enabling effective firefighting capabilities.

Access control, intruder alarms, and electric underfloor heating were also integrated to enhance security and comfort for the occupants. Furthermore, the building was equipped with a data link to the concierge department, located elsewhere in Covent Garden.

The individual metering of heating, electrical, and air conditioning systems enabled accurate monitoring and billing, promoting energy-conscious practices.

Additionally, the integration of the fire alarm system with the audio-visual system demonstrated a commitment to homeowner safety by providing instant notifications and evacuation guidance in case of emergencies.

Close collaboration with the retail tenants allowed the our team to plan their interfacing works well in advance.

By ensuring that all new services were fully operational before removing any existing plant, the retail tenants experienced no loss of services throughout the project.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 40% 40%
  • Electrical 35% 35%
  • Public Health 25% 25%

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