10-11 Great Newport Street

High-End Residential Fit-Out

Working within a former jazz club and office block, we designed, co-ordinated, and installed new MEP services to facilitate the creation of 14 high end apartments.

Preserving the Art Deco design while concealing MEP services presented a challenge. Attention to detail was paramount to ensure that the final finish seamlessly blended modern technology with the building’s historical aesthetics.

The new installation incorporates modern services such as standalone automation systems, comfort cooling, and a building-wide control system which required meticulous planning and co-ordination to ensure compatibility and smooth operation across all systems.

Recognising the importance of early involvement, our team worked closely with Knight Harwood and Chapman BDSP from the project’s inception. By engaging our KNX specialists during the design phase, we ensured their full participation in co-ordinating associated services and procuring compatible plant equipment.

We developed a customized KNX BMS system for each apartment. This tailored approach allowed for flexibility and personalized control over automation, lighting, heating, and other building systems, meeting the unique requirements of the high-end apartments.

East West Connect and their directors have always provided a pro-active and co-operative service in a non-confrontational manner whilst working on a complex site and demanding project with numerous constraints.

Their work here is no different, they have always delivered and met the high standards that our clients expect.”

Knight Harwood

We ensured that detailed attention was given to the intricate joinery and M&E interfacing details.

This provided cost and time savings across the length of the programme, as we were able to pre-fabricate and easily install multiple services in the tight voids required in each room.

Each apartment had a bespoke services cupboard layout, unique switching arrangements, and a valving and metering design that provided the maximum amount of free space for household storage.

5 amp lighting circuits installed within the apartments provide homeowners with an easily re-configurable system, with the KNX providing controls based on timing and presence.

The small power, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and access control systems all interface with the KNX hub, allowing residents total control over their home from the wall mounted controls, as well as remotely via their phones or any internet connected device.

Upon completion of the main works, we were retained by the interior designers to fit-out a selection of show homes.

Our staff installed decorative lighting and configured bespoke scenes and automations within the KNX systems to help bring the new apartments to life.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 35% 35%
  • Electrical 35% 35%
  • Public Health 30% 30%

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