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Reactive Maintenance

With 24/7/365 coverage and a 4-hour response time, our in-house operatives ensured the efficient and reliable operation of the Pavilion Estate’s heating systems.

Our in-house operatives were responsible for the maintenance and repair of HIUs, which play a crucial role in delivering heating and hot water to individual homes within the estate.

We also provided a comprehensive reactive maintenance plan for the estate’s boilers, integral to the distric heating system.

Our commitment to providing round-the-clock coverage ensured that any maintenance issues were addressed promptly. With a 4-hour response time, our in-house operatives awere readily available to resolve urgent matters, minimising disruptions and ensuring the continuous functioning of the heating system.

We’re pleased with how East West Connect have approached this contract, their professionalism has been exceptional, and they have responded to all call outs in a productive manner.

L&Q Group

Meeting the needs of residents with a 97% first time fix rate over the lifetime of the contract was a key goal of ours.

By ensuring a high level of spares and replacement parts were carried by our staff in their vans at all times we were able to achieve our first time fix goals.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 100% 100%
  • Electrical 0% 0%
  • Public Health 0% 0%

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