Reactive Maintenance

We work hard to provide a conducive environment for learning and creativity at the City Literary Institute (CityLit).

Our contract with CityLit focuses on reactive maintenance, ensuring timely and effective responses to any building service issues that may arise. With our specialist teams and widely accredited knowledge, we have successfully supported CityLit in maintaining many of their building services.

Our contract with CityLit is part of our wider collaboration with Galliford Try, through this partnership, we leverage our combined expertise and resources to deliver comprehensive maintenance services to CityLit.

The collaboration ensures a seamless integration of our reactive maintenance efforts with Galliford Try’s construction and refurbishment projects at CityLit. By working closely together we optimise operations and minimise disruptions for CityLit.

East West Connect have been nothing but helpful, they provide a key service that allows us to provide an excellent environment for our faculty, support staff, and students.


Our dedicated approach to reactive maintenance for CityLit has yielded several positive outcomes and benefits.

Our prompt response and efficient resolution of building services issues have significantly reduced any potential downtime, allowing CityLit to operate smoothly and deliver uninterrupted education.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 80% 80%
  • Electrical 20% 20%
  • Public Health 0% 0%

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