Infrastructure Upgrade | Client: Great Eagle Hotels



An MV & LV upgrade to a live and fully functioning hotel with zero disruption.

A full electrical changeover with no impact on hotel operations.

Following issues with the hotel’s existing electrical distribution system, we were tasked with a full replacement of the key electrical infrastructure, including 2 MV switches on the main incomers, a new roof mounted backup LV generator, and the replacement of 2 MV transformers.

Thorough planning

Every single changeover on the project had a Plan A, Plan B, and Fallback Plan to ensure that all systems could revert to a working state.

Guest liaison

During the circuit by circuit changeovers which took place between 1-5 AM we provided hotel guests with torches in case of emergency.

Clear access

To deliver the plant to their final locations we created 3D modelled logistics plans with turning angles to maneover through the basement.

Live modifications

We had to reposition live distribution boards within the risers to allow the installation of new busbar feeds to all floors.

Friendly management with flexible planning.

We liaised with the hotel’s management team on a daily basis to create logistical movement plans and short term working lookaheads to ensure that our works could take place without disrupting either the day to day operations of the hotel or any special events.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 0% 0%
  • Electrical 100% 100%
  • Public Health 0% 0%