24 Lombard Street

M&E Upgrade Within Live Investment Bank

We successfully undertook this sensitive project within a live bank with several trading floors, in-which we were contracted to replace all of the mechanical pipework throughout.

Our contracted works covered 7 floors, including various server rooms, MER rooms, multiple trading floors and other staff and customer areas. The existing pipework had several area which were leaking due to various forms of corrosion over the years, thus adding a greater level of urgency to the project.

Throughout our works we maintained all the functionality of the building maintained.

Full operation across the early stages was achieved even through the complexities around the COVID-19 pandemic and the taking up of working remotely across the period.

We had to systematically replace all the pipework within all the systems: Domestic services, heating and cooling, public health and rainwater whilst leaving the building fully usable across the working days.

Our direct labour was able to deliver a far greater level of sensitivity whilst working within the MER rooms where trading from across the UK is consolidated – prior to interfacing with Japan. Our works were based on a GMP sum with a final date for completion agreed.

East West Connect have been fantastic in a very challenging environment – we have full confidence in East West Connect moving forward.

Takenaka Europe

We successfully handed the project over early – some 3 months ahead of our contracted completion date.

This has been greatly received by the employer Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking (MUTB) who we have crystallized a great relationship with, based on both trust, transparency and our evidenced ability to deliver.

The building is a mixture of heritage and office areas. Whilst not a listed building it is registered as a building of interest.

We were sensitive in our methodical approach whilst giving the client full confidence in our ability to work across their building, safeguarding their building assets.

As with such a building there is a highly restrictive one time access limitation in many of the business critical areas. Because of this and in agreement with the client, we devised and produced a tagging system to ensure the highest quality was achieved across our mechanical installation.

Each pipe fitting had a tag which shows the installer, checker, QA check and final inspection. All of these tags then follow through to a QR code, linked to a drawing location then stored within the buildings O&M manual for any future reference.

We have enjoyed and gained much experience from working within the MUTB bank using our accredited procedures to provide our client with confidence in our working approach and giving them a system fit for the future.

We ensured zero disruption for building users throughout the course of our works.

Our project team worked closely with MUTB to make sure that the live trading floors could remain operational for the duration of the project. We planned our works and shutdowns to prevent any impact upon business critical areas within the building.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 75% 75%
  • Electrical 5% 5%
  • Public Health 20% 20%

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