Wigmore Hall

Heritage Refurbishment Works

We undertook a comprehensive update of the MEPH services at the Grade I listed Wigmore Hall, one of London’s most prestigious concert venues.

Our project at Wigmore Hall involved a comprehensive MEP upgrade to enhance the building’s functionality while preserving its historical significance.

We upgraded the small power infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of the hall’s technological requirements. This ensured reliable and efficient power distribution throughout the building.

Our specialist extra low voltage department designed and installed an advanced audio and 4k video recording and distribution system throughout the building. This system met the specific requirements of the client and future-proofed Wigmore Hall’s capabilities for collaborations with the BBC and other broadcasters.

A bespoke heating and cooling system was installed beneath the auditorium to ensure optimal comfort for both artists and audiences. This system provided precise temperature control while considering the unique constraints of the historic building.

East West Connect provided us with a vital service, ensuring that the project achieved all of its goals within the very short allotted timescale.

Wigmore Hall

We maintained a close collaboration with the client, integrating their input into our programming processes.

This ensured that the project could be completed without impacting Wigmore Hall’s busy events calendar. By carefully planning and coordinating the design and procurement processes before the construction phase, we minimised any potential disruptions during the works.

Working in a Grade I listed building required special attention to heritage and listed building considerations. Our team meticulously addressed these considerations to ensure that the MEP upgrade did not compromise the architectural integrity or historical significance of Wigmore Hall.

All new installations and modifications were carried out in compliance with heritage regulations and guidelines.

The project was completed within a tight 6-week shutdown period, carefully coordinated to minimize disruptions to Wigmore Hall’s events calendar.

Despite the fast-track nature of the works, we ensured that all heritage and listed building considerations were met.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 15% 15%
  • Electrical 70% 70%
  • Public Health 15% 15%

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