University of Sussex

Live Campus Services Upgrade – Multiple Projects

We have worked upon major services upgrade schemes at the University of Sussex, upgrading the campus wide MTHW and BCWS systems at source, and maintaining live services throughout.

Our initial works comprised of a major infrastructure upgrade project to upgrade the site wide heating facility that feeds over 200 buildings and 25kM of pipework. We upgraded the existing 17MW boiler array to a modular 24MW solution whilst maintaining the campus without disruption or loss of heating services for the duration.

Using our 3D scanning and modelling capabilities we were able to accurately create a model of the plant room from which we could co-ordinate the multiple items of plant, the steelwork arrangement which mounted the boilers, and the various pipework runs throughout the boiler house.

Following the successful completion of the boiler house works, we were appointed to build a new cold water pumping station, connecting the entire campus to the reservoir via a new pumphouse and pipework link serving 1600 students and residents. Working alongside ground working specialists we created a parallel installation, allowing us to changeover to the new system once all validations had been completed.

Finally, we’ve refurbished the ventilation and chilled water service to one of the laboratory buildings in the university. We implemented advanced BMS controls to ensure that the environmental monitoring and specified temperature levels could be achieved across the building.

East West Connect provided an extremely friendly service, their management of the works and the sensitive environment was second to none.

Hoare Lea

We worked hand in hand with key campus stakeholders to prevent any impact upon their daily operations.

Our early relationship building with the University’s staff allowed us to work together to create a programme of works that suited all parties, and provided the facilities management team with the peace of mind when allowing us to arrange major plant deliveries and removals.

We amended our programme of works alongside the University to co-ordinate major deliveries and removals with peak occupancy periods of the area around the boiler house.

At the commencement of the boiler house works we set up a 16MW temporary energy centre to maintain services to the campus within 4 weeks of appointment to the project.

This vital step allowed us to proceed with the strip out of the existing boiler plant and associated pipework with zero disruption to the live campus and its heating service.

To achieve the University’s programming needs we implemented a new stainless steel pipework system, cutting down on installation times and reducing long term pipework cleanliness costs.

Each project’s commissioning period took place with the close involvement of the client’s team, as per our commissioning procedures, to ensure that all items of plant, and all systems were configured to the client’s satisfaction. During this period we provided training to the client’s maintenance team, and ran through the project’s O&Ms on site.

Check out our temporary energy centre installation!

Watching this video will give you an insight into the various works that needed to be co-ordinated to bring the temporary energy centre online without disrupting the heating and hot water services to the entirety of the campus.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 65% 65%
  • Electrical 25% 25%
  • Public Health 10% 10%

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