Infrastructure Upgrade | Client: Westminster City Council


City Hall

A cooling capacity upgrade within the heart of Westminster.

The live upgrade of a 23 storey cooling system with zero disruption.

We re-engineered the building’s chilled water system tochange and  relocate the basement water cooled chillers to air cooled chillers and plant located upon the roof. We installed external temporary chillers to
keep the building cool throughout the works as they took place during the summer months.

Impact boards

Our stakeholder liaison system kept building users informed of all works as they were taking place, improving customer engagement.

Space reclamation

Using our design experience, we managed to reclaim additional plant space in the basement for any of the client’s future works.

Adaptable techniques

We installed the 23 storey armoured cabling run using abseilers to prevent any disruption to the 20 floors of occupied office space.

Construction services

We designed and installed a major steelwork layout to allow the safe installation of the new chillers and cabling upon the roof.

Mechanically driven works with associated services.

Our key survey and design work was centred around hydraulically reorientating the existing chilled water system to move the major plant from the basement to the roof, this was achieved through out of hours pipework freezes with new valves installed.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 75% 75%
  • Electrical 15% 15%
  • Public Health 10% 10%