Cat A Fit Out | Client: TTP

78 Chamber


An exposed services M&E Cat A fit out with architectural lighting.

A modern office space with a flexible, modular approach.

The works included the upgrade and refurbishment of the existing Versatemp units, as well as heating and cooling system pipework on the 4th and 5th floors, and the extension of the system up to the 6th floor. We also converted the old loading bay into a modern reception area, with the services and lighting being used as the main architectural features.

Aesthetic installation

We held multiple design workshops to clearly detail the finished look of the installed services, and their fixings.

Bespoke materials

A bespoke electrical trunking was used to circle the entire floor space with each section specifically designed to wrap around the existing columns.

Live services

The existing 1st – 3rd floor is occupied by the NHS, we ensured zero disruption to their services for the duration of the works.

System refurbishment

We assisted the client in refurbishing the main plant during the project to improve water quality to the entire Versatemp system.

A design driven installation with a large 1st fix period.

The nature of the exposed services installation meant that the majority of the works took place during the 1st fix phase of the project. Our in house operatives we key to translating the design into a high quality finished product on site.

Project breakdown

  • Mechanical 25% 25%
  • Electrical 55% 55%
  • Public Health 20% 20%