The works comprised of a major infrastructure upgrade project to upgrade the site wide heating facility that feeds over 200 buildings and 25kM of pipework. We upgraded the existing 17MW boiler array to a modular 24MW solution whilst maintaining the campus without disruption or loss of heating services for the duration.

We implemented a new stainless steel pipework system to cut down on installation times for the MTHW pipework and to reduce long term pipework cleanliness costs.

We stripped out the existing flue, the entirety of the primary pipework, the primary and secondary pumps, and the existing boilers and replaced them with modern, higher rated alternatives.

Using our 3D scanning and modelling capabilities we were able to accurately create a model of the plant room from which we could co-ordinate the multiple items of plant, the steelwork arrangement which mounted the boilers, and the various pipework runs throughout the boiler house.

At the commencement of the works we set up a 16MW temporary boiler plant to maintain services to the campus within 4 weeks of appointment to the project.