Following the successful completion of our works within the University of Sussex Boiler House, we have been engaged by the university to install the services to the new campus wide CWS pump house, which feeds all campus buildings from the university’s adjacent reservoir. Using our 3D design capabilities we have created a fully pre-fabricated plant room design, with all pipework manufactured off site.

The new plant room is fed via a new gravity water main from the reservoir which we will be installed once the prerequisite groundworks are complete. The new booster house plant will pressurise the water and distribute it to the campus via a new BCWS main which we are installing beneath the road on Boiler House Hill. Alongside the new BCWS main, we are also installing a new Fire ain, to servce the new student housing development on the East Slope.
While these works are taking place the existing campus wide cold water boosted network must be
maintained operational during the whole of the construction works.

The works will also include the installation of new plantrooms for the LV supply and the IT supply. A new standby generator will also form part of the contract, which will serve the new plantroom booster sets.