We engineer our works from the earliest opportunity, by ensuring a feasible structured plan from the outset, we make sure that our projects progress smoothly, and on time and budget. We are proud of our management system that we have developed, and ensure its full use on all of our projects, no matter the size.

Our ISO accredited procedures ensure that deadlines and the project’s critical path are at the forefront of our planning, our ISO flowchart which documents all of our procedures, and the order in which they should be enacted draws a clear path from procurement to commissioning, allowing the creation of a detailed programme to be created as early as possible.

In trying to do this often within occupied and complex projects we have offered a variety of more client facing approaches such as:

Impact Boards

Creating clear and concise impact boards that use a variety of pictures, 3D models and flow charts to explain the works and the critical paths of the project in a manner that hopefully the client and stakeholders can appreciate and buy in to.

Look Ahead Schedules

Utilising a variety of look ahead schedules that break down large, often hard to read programmes in to simple laymen’s terms that tell the client what we are doing and how it could affect them.

Soft Landings

Carrying out walking tours of the works we have completed to building users to help them mentally build a picture of what is to come and again how it will benefit and affect them.

Design Development

We achieve complex services co-ordination within our high end residential schemes by developing the design alongside the design team, and other contractors. Our knowledge base and experience allows us to identify key risks, ensure full maintainability, and achieve the highest possible finish and solution.

Commissioning Management

Creating a Commissioning Activity Schedule to simplify and take the mystique away from the commissioning of a project, allowing the client and professional team to better understand the journey we have and monitor it.

3D Capabilities

3D scanning and modelling, coupled with an offsite pre-fabricated manufacturing process to maximise efficiencies and limit risk by excessive allowance of onsite labour.