41 Lothbury – 1st MV Changeover Complete
May 26, 2023


What did you achieve last weekend???

Our 41 Lothbury team successfully delivered a complete medium voltage (MV) power changeover.

As part of our shell and core refurbishment works, the East West Connect team successfully completed a major MV electrical infrastructure upgrade at 41 Lothbury!

Over one weekend in May, our dedicated team worked diligently to upgrade the MV transformer, ensuring a seamless transition for the team on site. Here’s a brief overview of the remarkable journey:

On Friday evening, our team isolated the existing MV transformer and switchgear. We efficiently removed redundant items in situ, allowing for the easy extraction of the previous equipment. The old switchgear was recycled, with no waste sent to landfill, and the switch room was thoroughly cleared. To facilitate the process, we cut the previous installation into manageable pieces for convenient handling and disposal. Simultaneously, we prepared the base for the new switchgear, ensuring it could be installed in the same location. Throughout the weekend shutdown, we built the new switchgear on-site, prioritizing efficiency and quality.

We meticulously installed and terminated the new armoured cabling for the MV transformer. Additionally, we successfully terminated the 11kV MV feeds from the new transformers onto the new MV switchgear, guaranteeing reliability and functionality. By midday on Sunday morning, we reached a significant milestone. This allowed us ample time to conduct thorough testing, ensuring every aspect of the new installation met our rigorous standards. We also implemented a new earthing system to protect the building’s electrical distribution at all times.

Following comprehensive testing, the new switchgear was energised and validated by the manufacturer, preparing it for final commissioning. On Sunday evening, we completed the testing and signed off on the new installation, ensuring a smooth transition for business as usual on Monday.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our exceptional project team, whose dedication and expertise were instrumental in the successful completion of this transformative upgrade. Furthermore, we extend a heartfelt thank you to Mentmore Power Services, the panel manufacturer, for their exceptional craftsmanship and expertise throughout this project. Last but not least, a great big thank you to Wates Group, the main contractor, for their outstanding partnership and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Please reach out if you have any questions or require further information about this remarkable achievement. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!