3 Months On
April 23, 2019

3 Months On!

We all know time flies by and it is only often things like children and maybe our own age that reminds us of this and how precious life really is!!!

So last week would be Paul’s birthday some 3 months on from the loss of our really dear friend, father and husband to a wonderful family, business partner, drinking partner and generally a person I and many spoke to what now seems endlessly about the days trials and tribulations!

No day goes by without wondering why, inconceivable turns to reality and harshly life just goes on!

But although all of this might be unchangeable one thing is does reinforce is that life is precious, I like most would both like to mark Paul’s life and use it to guide our own and ensure we use it wisely!!

On this note if anyone is out there that has a story, memory or funny anecdote about Paul I would like to collate them for his family to help understand how special he was to many of us, doesn’t matter how politically correct, age appropriate as we will schedule them in to a selection of when to release them to the family!

Paul made a mark on so many of us by just being a really warm, lovely, easy to talk to guy, now that must be worth remembering!!

Anything you have send to Marcus.Allen@eastwestconnect.com

Many thanks

Marcus Allen